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Play Ball aka life of a little league mum

April 5, 2008

I am excited today.  It is gorgeous out and in a few minutes i will be leaving my house to watch Tommy play baseball with his travel league.  It is so much fun to see him do something that not only is he good at but also truly enjoys.  Bonus is that with this beautiful weather Malachy and Molly will also get to enjoy the weather.  Sure we could run outside in our yard, but it is just more fun running around and watching a ball game.

Now i am praying that this enthusiasm stays with me throughout the season.  You see, this is the first season where I will have both of my boys in little league.  This will be a juggling act, but one worth persuing in my eyes.  Please please please may none of their games coincide with each others.

You have to remember mums are there for more than just socializing and watching the game.  We need to make sure that we see every play our boys and girls make.  We have to have a full cooler of nutritious snacks and drinks.  and a first aid kit is key. well, ok I think i am the only mom with bandages, bandaids , saline wash etc.  I can’t help it, the nurse in me makes me bring this.  It sounds like i am complaining, but I am not.  I enjoy being my sons fan club/caterer/nurse.  Ok, I LOVE IT!!

PLAY BALL!!little league last year

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