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so, we decided to have a joint party for the boys ..

March 17, 2008

baseball cupcakes.. yummy

Maybe because i am cheap thrifty, but I thought it would be a good idea to have a joint birthday party for the boys this year. You have to know that their actual birthdays are only 13 days apart .. March Madness my family style 😉

I couldn’t believe that they agreed on a theme, but baseball and boys work well. Now my cupcakes don’t rival my friend Laurie’s talents with cakes, but I think they turned out pretty cute 😉

For those of you who attended, thank you and I hope you have a fun time. I know we all did. I think my favorite moments were watching my husband pitch wiffle ball to all of the wee lads and lasses in attendance! It was funny seeing the makeshift bases… tree is first base,, the pitch back second.. swing third .. and back to home 😉 It meant a lot, even though I was a bit bone weary, to have so many people about us sharing our joy and love for our wee men!

There are so many that I know wanted to be here with us.. Just knowing that there are even more people who wanted to be there made the boys day!!

Here is a picture of the boys in their shirts, courtesy of Gayle, saying Thank you and love you to our friends and family!

the boys in their birthday shirts

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