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prayers are always good

January 15, 2008
Feeling blue for we are growing through rather tough times financially. I don’t know what to do. I just feel like screaming/ crying right now. When I was listening to Jimmy speak on Sunday I knew that this was a major area that I needed to release to God.
If the market was swifter, I wouldn’t be worrying as much. I would know that we could unload this house quickly and settle into a new house soon. (Plus we probably wouldn’t even be in this position for Ronan’s business was doing swimmingly before the market change) For two reasons that would be preferable 1. Band aid theory.. Just get it over with then myself and family could deal with the emotions of changing locale. 2. If we need to get out from under this mortgage I would like to know that we could do this quickly.
I am praying for peace for my husband. I know that he is suffering right now with this burden. I am praying for myself to grow in patience. Ronan needs me to be present for him right now. May my pride be diminished.
It is odd knowing that I will be going from a single family in a good area with some acreage to possibly living in a townhouse. Maybe that would be a blessing??? Maybe it would be good for the kids and I to be surrounded by neighbors. More of a community??? I don’t know.
Yes, I do realize that it could be worse. Hey, I have lived through worse by leaning on God.
Please forgive my rambling. This is just on my heart right now. I am asking nothing of anyone but for prayers for guidance/direction in this matter for Ronan and myself.
Thank you.
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