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January 10, 2008

papa kent and I, 2001 This is a post I wrote October 7th, 2007 in my old blog:

as many of my friends now know, my biological father (papa kent) died last week in Germany. Many conflicting emotions are in my heart right now. I am not in a believer of instant saint, just add death. One thing I do know is this, I am truly mourning him. I am mourning not only the loss of him, but also the loss of what we did not and now can never have. I am disappointed that he was unwilling or unable to have a relationship with me as a child. I am angry that he didn’t contact us as he was getting progressively sicker. But, at the end of the day i am just sad because I did and do love him. at the end of the day, he was/is my father. I have a great daddy who is alive and well here in maryland, but i still mourn for my biological father.

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